Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Quick update

I received more than one e-mail advising people to try the following:

The sender also indicated there are many more "q_" responses than have been posted.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Evening Update, July 24

It's been a very active day as several websites and people are reporting in on several groups now attacking the questions and clues on this website.

People indicating activity from these sites have been sending me progress emails:
abovetopsecret.com (no email from them, but they're active)

While many groups report significant progress, overall the thefinalanswertoeverything.com discussion thread on Above Top Secret appears to be the most productive group. It also appears some of the other groups are operating in secret (and hence are not as productive).

According to AlienS from Above Top Secret, this is the most recent list of confirmed answers:

It also appears that the "conspiracy nutters" were the first to discover a question-and-answer module within the website. There are some canned responses to questions that begin with "q_". Some known question/responses include:
q_whatistheprize.html = answer: we already told you
q_isanyonegivingclues.html = answer: no, all clues not on this site are to be ignored
q_givemeaclue.html = answer: there are no clues other than the questions
q_rules.html = answer: anyone can play, you must be over 15 years old to claim the prize
q_fuckoff.html = answer: I'm sorry you feel that way

There has been a great deal of speculation on Above Top Secret (and Nexopia) as to the prize for this game. Nothing has been confirmed.

The questions current appear paused after this message appeared:
level error you are not yet worthy
distribute this site URL far and wide
the value of the reward depends on it
the remaining questions are going to be the hardest yet.
This question will revert to the planned version when site traffic levels, the result of spreading the URL, reach the expected number.

Various Updates on theFINALanswerTOeverything.com

There are several updates that have been observed and/or forwarded to me throughout the evening and morning.

From AboveTopSecret.com
A very large discussion board thread has made what appears to be very good progress from several dozen people pounding away, around the clock, on answers to the strange questions. It also appears that the website, theFINALanswerTOeverything.com may either be sponsored by the owners of AboveTopSecret.com, or designed to appear as though it is. This conclusion seems to have been reached because one of the question relates to content on their discussion board.
the final answer to everything? (strange website)

From Anonymous Source
I've been informed that one group (albeit much smaller) has been attempting to gain access to the server with no success. There appear to be precious few access points, revealing that the creator of the theFINALanswerTOeverything.com may have anticipated hacking attempts.

From "Symon Sayze"
This person (from another group working on solving the answers) reports that they created a automated script that runs through dictionary words and word combinations on theFINALanswerTOeverything.com . This is because they discovered that some words gave an "Out of Sequence" error, but had not yet been confirmed as a valid answer. Symon Sayze speculated that this is a short-coming of the code's security, and his group developed the script. He reports they discovered over 60 words that appear to be future answers. In addition, they believe the current "stopping point" of a message that indicates new questions every day is a false flag, and the system is actually waiting for the correct answer.

Sending Updates
Please send any additional updates to my email: theanswerseeker@gmail.com

Sunday, July 23, 2006

"Sponsored" by a website that thinks 9/11 was a government conspiracy?

Based on the comments and postings on abovetopsecret.com/forum, it looks like the mystery website is nothing more than a game the "ATS" owners are sponsoring.

Can anyone confirm this?

If so, why and is there a prize?

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Conspiracy Nutters Picking It Up

I was alerted to postings on a way out there website called AboveTopSecret. It looks like these people have gotten pretty far in decyphering the clues and getting some answers.
the final answer to everything? (strange websit) (They apparently don't have spell checkers or punctuation in conspiracy-land)

Thursday, July 20, 2006

What is: TheFinalAnswerToEverything.com

A strange new website appeared in July of 2006, oddly titled, The Answer To Everything, and available at: http://www.theanswertoeverything.com

It's hard to tell what the site is at this point. I was alerted to the domain by a friend who happned to be trying random URL ideas for a client of hers.

There is no information on the site other than the odd promise of: "this reward to the one worthy", and something that must be a strange clue just above that: "pi10".

Below what must be the clue is some sort of directive or response, 'RESPOND (format "/[answer].html")"

I set this blog up to attract people who can help decypher what this site is, and what it might be fore.