Monday, July 24, 2006

Various Updates on

There are several updates that have been observed and/or forwarded to me throughout the evening and morning.

A very large discussion board thread has made what appears to be very good progress from several dozen people pounding away, around the clock, on answers to the strange questions. It also appears that the website, may either be sponsored by the owners of, or designed to appear as though it is. This conclusion seems to have been reached because one of the question relates to content on their discussion board.
the final answer to everything? (strange website)

From Anonymous Source
I've been informed that one group (albeit much smaller) has been attempting to gain access to the server with no success. There appear to be precious few access points, revealing that the creator of the may have anticipated hacking attempts.

From "Symon Sayze"
This person (from another group working on solving the answers) reports that they created a automated script that runs through dictionary words and word combinations on . This is because they discovered that some words gave an "Out of Sequence" error, but had not yet been confirmed as a valid answer. Symon Sayze speculated that this is a short-coming of the code's security, and his group developed the script. He reports they discovered over 60 words that appear to be future answers. In addition, they believe the current "stopping point" of a message that indicates new questions every day is a false flag, and the system is actually waiting for the correct answer.

Sending Updates
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Blogger Symon Sayze said...

Another update for you. We've moved past the current display of "new questions every day" and are attempting to solve the next question.

6:49 AM  
Blogger Symon Sayze said...

Our script now reports over 300 possible future answers. This seems unlikely and might actually be some kind of smoke screen.

We're still working on the solution to the question after: "you have done well... there will be new questions every day from this point forward... "remember" your answers"

7:12 AM  
Blogger Hokkaido Hillbilly said...


Any chance the answer to "you have done well" has anything to do w/ Japan?

7:22 AM  
Blogger Hokkaido Hillbilly said...

Ok, so either you're not the only one's who've got it, or one of you is a mole on ATS.

Hmmm....the plot thickens!

8:08 AM  
Blogger Symon Sayze said...

I've seen the thread on Above Top Secret, but I'm not a member there.

We're now getting conflicting results after re-trying the words that came in as "future answers." It looks like the site has some kind of method designed to confuse people who try to find future answers... pretty twisted.

Nothing that "seems" to be an out of sequence future answer can be trusted.

We're still stuck on the same question.

8:20 AM  
Blogger mechanic32 said...


Disinfo campaign, perhaps??

symon sayze, r u SimonGray from the HackersNetwork??

12:41 PM  

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